Who Are We

Millennium World School – Bengaluru North is a flagship school of the new initiative launch of Millennium world school since 2019. Millennium Group of Schools is a chain of world-class schools, sprawling across more than 40 cities in the country. Affiliated to the medium of education administered by the Central Government (CBSE) the schools have already earned the award for being the most innovative chain of schools and of course an award-winning curriculum, the Millennium Learning System.

Millennium World School houses the ambition to cultivate India’s finest minds setting up the right foundation towards cultivating 21st-century skills. Our Vision is to nurture the innate potential in each child while focusing on the uniqueness in them. The primary objective revolves around preparing children towards “Global Citizenship” and of course for the world of Today – as well as that of tomorrow.

The school is inspired by great values, innovative strategies, and a scrutinized pedagogical approach towards learning along with a wide range of co-curricular activities. The school is equipped with excellent infrastructure and a pool of highly qualified and dedicated teaching staff. Millennium World School believes that education should be the tool to promote both intellectual as well as emotional growth of the students.

We at Millennium World School remain deeply committed to nurture superior quality of “Experiential Learning – in an inspiring environment”. The Curriculum is progressive in nature and provides ample opportunities to discover and develop skills in children – in the formative years. The school follows a co-ed system and is currently committed to offering education from Pre-Nursery to Grade 6, with the finest academic facilities.

Curriculum and assessment

Millennium Learning System pursues the goal of holistic development of the child with a focus on Concept Clarity and Skill Building with a progressive curriculum to empower student with the 21st century skills.

Blended learning solutions

Student-centered blended learning; strengthened pedagogy-using technology and build on hybrid learning model integrating into class and distance education.

Infrastructure and Safety

Excellent infrastructure, well-equipped classrooms and labs supported by technology; within a secured campus and ensured safety guidelines in addition to the regular training & development sessions conducted for the employees entrusted with security duties.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Millennium World School is committed to nurturing the inherent potential and talent of each child, creating lifelong learners who will be the leaders of tomorrow. With parents as our partners, we aspire to create global citizens who are innovative and have a strong sense of values.

  • Be an educational institute of reputation in the country offering value education that is equipped with the facilities to face the modern-day challenges.
  • Foster the dreams and aspirations of every student and cater to the individual needs of the students.
  • To create a warm and accepting environment for the students to grow and enjoy the formative learning period.
  • To nurture confidence, creativity, and courage in every student and instilling values to steer their life in the right direction in the future.

Our Values

Schools, since time immemorial, have remained instrumental in preserving values and developing the impressionable young minds to be the better citizens of tomorrow. The children of today are to be the citizens of tomorrow, gearing up to contribute and build up the country.

Universal values and ethical codes of conduct are an integral part of the Millennium culture


Values of honesty, compassion, tolerance, and respect for others.  


Development of democratic and secular values.


Respect for our country's rich and varied heritage and a sense of national pride.. 


Learning to contribute to humanity through cooperative efforts.

Faculty Information

Virtual Tour

School Tour

At Millennium World School, the aim is to develop each child into a well-balanced individual in an engaging environment. We invite you to come take a virtual tour of our efforts in designing a purposeful learning space with facilities of best standard.