Join Hands with Skolaro Parents Portal

The Skolaro Parents Portal is an online resource that gives parents access to crucial data on their children's education. It is a component of the Skolaro School Management System, a complete software programme created to make our school's administrative chores more efficient. The portal gives parents access to real-time updates on their children's academic achievement, attendance history, schedule, and other crucial school-related information.

Each parent's unique needs can be met through the Skolaro Parents Portal's personalised dashboard, which enables rapid access to crucial information. Also, the Skolara portal at MWS provides a direct line of connection for parents and teachers, allowing for simple information sharing and conversation. Because the portal is mobile-friendly, parents may check their child's academic and attendance data while they are on the road.

Benefits of the Skolara Parents Portal

Parents certainly have a significant impact on their kids' academic progress. Because of this, the majority of schools now view parents as collaborators in their kid’s future. Parents desire to be involved in their children's school activities, notwithstanding how busy they are with their careers. They desire information regarding their child's academic and extracurricular accomplishments. We are CBSE affiliated school offering various assistance for parents to track the records of their kids with the help of this portal.

These are some of the main attributes and advantages of the Skolaro Parents Portal.

  1. Academic Progress

The portal gives parents real-time information on their child's academic progress and gives them access to their kids' academic records, including marks, assignments, and exam results.

  1. Parental participation has improved

The portal can help increase parental participation in their kid's education, which is connected to higher academic results for pupils, by making key information simple to access.

  1. Attendance Monitoring

The portal enables parents to keep track of their child's attendance history, including absences, early arrivals, and late arrivals.

  1. Communication

The portal gives parents and teachers a direct line of communication, allowing them to effortlessly remain in touch and share information.

  1. Payment of fees

The portal streamlines and makes more convenient the process of parents viewing and paying school fees online.

  1. Calendar and timetable

Parents can keep track of significant dates and events thanks to the portal's access to school schedules and calendars.

  1. Individualized Dashboard

Each parent's unique demands can be met by the portal's tailored dashboard, which enables quick access to crucial information.

  1. Mobile Friendliness

Because the site is mobile-friendly, parents may check their kid's academic and attendance data while they are on the road.


We at Millennium World School understand better results for students can be achieved by using Skolaro Parents Portal. It assists parents in staying informed about their children's education, enhancing contact with teachers, and participating more actively in their child's academic path. The portal's variety of features and advantages might contribute parents taking a more active role in their child's academic development. If you are looking at the best schools in yelahanka for your kids, contact us.

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