What are the difficulties of parents of gen alpha?

Author : Dr.Santoshi Singh

The term "generation alpha" refers to the group of children born after 2010 who are experiencing issues related to the environment, social media, and digital technology. They are also known as the iGeneration, the Plurals, or the Centennials. As parents of gen alpha, you might face some difficulties that are different from those of previous generations. Here are some of the common challenges and how to cope with them.

Managing screen time

Controlling kids screen time is one of the most evident challenges of raising a generation Alpha. From an early age, Gen Alpha is exposed to a variety of platforms and gadgets, and they have easy access to internet communication, entertainment, and information. While this may improve their learning, creativity, and social skills, it may also have negative effects on their attention span, quality of sleep, and mental health.

It is your responsibility as a parent to establish limits and guidelines for your child's screen time, such as those pertaining to the amount of time, how often, and what they can do online. Along with teaching kids about the responsibilities and dangers of using the internet, you also need to keep an eye on their safety and behaviour when they are using it. Additionally, you may motivate kids to balance their screen time with offline pursuits like playing, reading, or working out.

Understanding their values and preferences

Parenting a generation Alpha requires understanding differences in their ideals and preferences from your own. The Gen Alpha generation is inclusive and varied, with a greater awareness and concern for social and environmental issues like human rights, gender equality, and climate change. They also have a higher propensity to question societal norms and expectations and to exhibit their uniqueness and innovation.

It is your responsibility as a parent to encourage your child's sense of identity and self-worth while also respecting and supporting their values and preferences. Additionally, you must listen to their thoughts and feedback and engage in honest, open communication with them. Along with sharing your own viewpoints and experiences, you may also learn from them and discover areas of interest in common.

Preparing them for the future

Getting your gen alpha child ready for the uncertain and unpredictable future is the third challenge. In a world that is competitive and changing quickly, Gen Alpha will need to adjust to new jobs, skills, and technologies. In addition, they will have to cope with the fallout from the worldwide health crisis, the financial meltdown, and environmental deterioration.

As a parent, it is your responsibility to provide your child with the information, abilities, and mindset they will need to meet opportunities and difficulties in the future. You must also motivate them to follow their dreams and ambitions and to change the world for the better. You can also support them in embracing lifelong learning and growth and in building their resilience, optimism, and curiosity.


Although raising a gen alpha child is not always simple, it may also be a very satisfying and happy experience. You may foster a solid and positive relationship with your child and support their success in the digital age by being aware of and responding to the challenges associated with raising this generation. Along the way, you can enjoy the journey of parenthood together while learning from and developing alongside them.

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