Academic Approach

An intense amount of research has been conducted on finding out the best pedagogical approach adopted by the teachers in the classroom for effective learning. Teaching and learning is a complex process and to simplify the process Millennium World School follows a well-researched and designed strategy appropriate for students of all levels allowing them to grasp the most out of their school hours.

The pedagogical approach to learning followed by Millennium World School 
Emotions Are Critical To Learning

Schools need to focus on EQ before IQ to ensure student engagement and student-centered learning.

Each Child Is Unique

Learning needs to be personalized and incorporated with VAK, the three step learning styles.

Learning Occurs When Learners Take Ownership Of Their Learning

Teaching students the art and science of learning is more critical than the content itself through child-centered pedagogy.

Learning Is Enhanced By Challenge And Inhibited By Threat

Students learn best when they are exposed to challenging tasks in a conducive learning environment through scientifically crafted learning resources.

Learning Happens Best When Facts And Skills Are Embedded In Natural, Spatial Memory

Students understand and remember best when they construct their learning and relate it to life.

School Timing

The regular school day schedule including entry, break & dispersal for all the classes in Millennium School Campus is as follows:

Class commences for lower section 8:30 AM with the morning assembly till 12: 30 noon. Classes for the senior section commences from 8:30 AM till 3 PM in the afternoon