Millennium World School provides transportation facilities with school bus services allocated within a radius of 20 km on selected routes. The buses are GPS enabled with speed governor as per the norms set by Government for school transportation. Keeping the security of the students under priority, the school buses have CCTV cameras installed inside for surveillance. Apart from that, the school buses have a driver and a helper as well as a lady escort to make sure the students are well taken.

General Security 

At Millennium World School Campus utmost importance is paid towards the security concerns of the students. The school premise is constantly under the surveillance of CCTV camera. The entry and exit of the school are entrusted upon efficient security personnel. It is mandatory for the students and staff to carry their IDs, without the IDs entry access can be denied by the security personnel. Visitors are requested to inform before their arrival with valid identification proof for entry into the campus. The campus also has a robust disaster management system; evacuation system and fire fighting in case of any emergency.

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Post COVID Security Features

Millennium World School follows strict guidelines ensuring that the schools are sanitized, safe, and in compliance with all safety protocols related to COVID-19 and with 100% adherence to government policies. All the essential measures are implemented to reduce disease transmission, safeguard essential services and supplies and promote healthy behavior. This includes access to soap and cleans water for safe hand washing, procedures on when staff or students feel unwell, protocols on social distancing, and good hygiene practices.

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