Director's Message

On behalf of The Millennium World School family, we welcome you.

The Millennium World School is a journey of self-discovery for young minds. It is not just the journey of a student, but the journey of the entire Millennium team to strive for the success of the students. Yes, we will equip your child with academic knowledge and essential skills, train them with the foundation of technological usage, but above all, we will help them to discover their interests and personality.

While we are essentially a new age chain of schools, we are rooted upon traditions and values, intended to nurture future global leaders and individuals representing the country on various platforms. We have focused on a liberal and diverse learning atmosphere for our students to nurture their creativity and align their formative years of education to guide them for a prosperous career in the future.

We are constantly striving to develop the best facilities and incorporate best practices, training our staff to maintain and enhancing competency to foster and deliver value education.