CBSE Launches Reading Challenge for Classes 6 to 10 Students to Promote Reading Literacy

The ability to find, comprehend, and reflect on many types of information has grown more important as learning objectives and methods have changed from memorization to the adoption of 21st-century skills and competencies of communication and critical thinking. It is widely acknowledged that reading literature serves as a prerequisite for success in the majority of adult endeavors as well as serving as a foundation for success in other academic subject areas.

A special CBSE reading challenge for 2022 has been devised by the CBSE. This distinctive reading and literacy curriculum is open to students in grades 6 through 10. For the academic year 2022–2023, the CBSE reading challenge will be offered in both Hindi and English. There will be two varying tiers, one for CBSE classes 6-7 and the other for classes 8–10.

What advantages does the CBSE reading challenge offer?

The goal of the CBSE reading challenge is to keep participants interested by using a variety of stimuli while concentrating on their ability to read accurately and with comprehension. Only through locating information, linking language to prior knowledge, and integrating data are they able to create meaning.

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What are the registration fees for the CBSE reading challenge?

No fees are required from the students to take part in the activity. The reading of content will take place twice. One will take place inside the building, while the other will be between schools.

What takes place following registration?

A challenge paper with reading assignments was delivered to the CBSE schools that had registered for the reading challenge on November 28 2022. There was a notice for the scoring criteria. The Reading Challenge was organized by the schools between November 28 and November 30 for the registered students.

Then, they must select ten pupils, two from each class from sixth to tenth. The decision would solely depend on how well they performed. The identified kids must be registered for round 2 on the CBSE website by the school between December 1 and December 16.

When will the CBSE reading challenge's second round be held?

The final round of the Competition will be a computer-based reading challenge and take part between December 19 and December 30. All the chosen students should start buckling up.

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The Central Board of Secondary Education has been running the CBSE Reading Challenge since 2019 intending to encourage students' reading literacy. The months of October and November 2022 would be used to arrange this CBSE reading challenge for the academic year 2022–2023.

Students will benefit from this reading challenge as they work to develop the crucial skill of comprehension reading. The more than 25,000 schools that make up the CBSE will receive high-quality reading materials appropriate for students in classes I through VIII.

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