The Art of Teaching in the New Age

A great teacher can influence and ignite the learners' minds with curiosity and reasoning. As is rightly said, good teaching is both an art and science and the teacher who can master it will find their students discovering and exploring the world of knowledge themselves. While we take pride in being one of the top CBSE schools in Bangalore, our ambition is to ensure that our students are not stuck only to their textbooks or classrooms to nurture and feed their minds with knowledge and wisdom.  

If we take a look at the education sector, a substantial set of evolution has defined and redefined the teaching and learning dynamics time and again. To make the understanding of this evolution a little more apparent, let's take a look at the following timeline.   

The era gone by  

We are not traversing way back to when students followed what was taught by the teacher in Vedic learning or Gurukul and skills they were trained in as per their caste or class. Neither are we talking about the age when education was reserved exclusively for one particular age. Those times are long lost I the pages of history. When we speak of the era gone by, we speak of the recent past, maybe a few years from when the pandemic started and shaped school education.  

Education in this era was primarily textbook-based, and the ranking of the schools was based on the number of admissions and the number of students performing well in the board exams. The scope of education, even in many of the top CBSE schools in Bangalore with reputation and legacy, was to majorly feed the students with textbook knowledge and prepare them for exams which would eventually lead them to higher academic opportunities and finally to end up with a job defined by good salary count.  

The accessibility of knowledge and information was restricted to books, libraries, teachers and classrooms. The development of reasoning was limited as well. While this arrangement did cater to the country's literacy level, the resourcefulness of the students was yet to be challenged.   


The current age  

The current age can be defined as the age of teaching and learning supported by technology. While the COVID 19 pandemic brought several adversities to the world, it reshaped our ways of thinking and moulded our lifestyle with a new approach. The education sector at every level was touched upon by a new change where virtual schools took over. Although we had tech support as one of the evolving international schools in North Bangalore, we were equally perplexed by the situation as the future of many young minds was entrusted to us.   

With the shift, the accessibility of information and knowledge from across the world and the convenience of learning from one's home, education was startled for a moment. There is no harm in self-learning; it is indeed a great virtue of an inquisitive mind, but what might confuse the learners is the plethora of knowledge available and the ability to process and connect to it at the right time.   

Thus, the job of teaching had to be redefined and was brought out of the textbooks and classrooms. The teachers are now also the in-charge of streamlining the information acquired online to prevent the children from getting lost in their academic journey and beyond. In order to do so, the teachers had to learn and unlearn and acquaint themselves with modern teaching methods, which would be the sound option for a generation who are majorly viewing the world through screens.   


The future to come  

Now, this is kind of tricky. The self-learning and technological era started a little ahead of the pandemic, hitting and making virtual schools the new normal. The use of technology was already present in the teaching and learning process, and the sudden shift only triggered to leap. With all the advancements embedded in learning and education, the question is what comes next. We can tell you as one of the emerging international schools in North Bangalore, and our ambition is to create lifelong learners and individuals who can unleash their potential to the maximum.  

Our ambition is similar to what appears to be the future of education. Parents, teachers and even learners at a certain age are ready to accept that more than filling up the scorecards, they want to fill up their appetite for knowledge. Evidently, learning is now no more exclusive; what is exclusive is the experience that the schools and educational space can offer these young minds.  

Like any other top CBSE school in Bangalore, Millennium World School also looks forward to becoming a favourite choice amongst the parents. Still, more so, we look forward to being remembered as a school that fostered and allowed the potential of the children to bloom with the brightest of the colours.   

To conclude, school education is changing, and so is teaching patterns; as such, the learning is now based on the experience acquired by the students and not just consuming the textbooks. If you as a parent are looking forward to such an experience for your child, Millennium World School opens its door for admissions.   

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