How to Prepare for the Upcoming CBSE Exam

Board exams are approaching, and so is the stress associated with them. The increasing competitiveness, changing norms in the academic session owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ever-existing fear of performance are adding to the stress level of both the students and the parents.

As one of the top Bangalore schools, we at Millennium believe that success to academic excellence can be achieved with the right blend of seriousness in performance and a stress-free learning experience. 

However, exams can be overwhelming and a not so stress-free experience for a large section of students, pertaining to the performance pressure and the stigma associated with the final results. Thus, in this blog, we speak about some tips and tricks (suggested by experts) to ace exams.

For parents

  • Eliminate the fear of exam

One of the primary reasons we see students pensive about exams is the fear associated with it. As a parent, you can help the best by eliminating the anxiety and reassuring them that exams don't define their value. Yes, exams are crucial to propel their academic and career growth, but exams are nothing to be feared of. 

  • Refrain from comparison

Every child is unique, so are their learning styles, interests, and even performance. Even if your intentions only motivate, the comparisons can attack their self-esteem and project upon their behaviour. If you feel your child is weak, seek help, speak to the teachers, or try different aids. Millennium World School has gained the reputation of good schools in Bangalore is its constant assistance to both the students and parents to help the child perform well while nurturing their unique personalities. 

  • Assure them with enough time to relax

Understand relaxation and distraction. Your child is working hard; while managing distractions to help them study with complete focus, it is equally essential to help them relax. Every student has their ways of relaxing, for example, some lave to play, or listen to music or watch their favorite show. Instead of cutting down these activities, you can limit the time. This will help them destress because all study and no fun formula might not be a healthy option for the mental wellbeing of your child. 

As one of the top Bangalore schools, we come across the parents' worries daily, and we have but one piece of advice for them, when you are stressed, it affects your child to some levels. So please don't project your worries on them. They should enjoy their academic journey. 

For students

  • Maintain a proper schedule

Following a proper schedule means sleeping well, having proper meals, taking adequate breaks, and studying. While every student has their respective time zones for studying and being productive, it is advised not to stay up late before exams. Relaxing is equally essential to help keep the mind away from exam anxiety.

  • One should avoid adding too much to the plate.

For students preparing for board exams or any exams, planning the coverage of the syllabus, including the revision time, should be constructive. However, one should not burden themselves by adding too much to their plate and making realistic and achievable goals. Studying everything in a single day would only be more counterproductive than anything else. 

  • Practice sample papers

Practicing sample papers is one of the proven ways to prepare well for the exams. Practicing the previous year's papers or sample papers gives an idea of possible questions. It can also help the students with time management. Practicing the complete paper within the time period boosts the students' speed and allows them to understand how much time they can distribute answering each question. 

Apart from these, the students need to understand the basic concepts rather the just memorize them. Using diagrams, flowcharts, or practical application to prepare for the exams can also be helpful as it helps in retaining as well as recalling the information during the exams. 

For better results, it is pertinent that the students start preparing ahead. Therefore, the schools should ensure that the students' progress well with the timelines and prepare for the end terms. While the dedication and enthusiasm of performing well should be an innate quality in the students, motivating them and guiding them to achieve well is exponentially the task of the school and teachers.

Millennium World School (MWS) recently achieved another milestone by being awarded the best emerging CBSE school. The credit goes to the teachers who are tirelessly working to lead the students to academic excellence. As one of the emerging names among the private schools in Bangalore, MWS is predominantly focused on creating a learning environment that prepares students for exams and beyond. 

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