The Benefits Of Progressive Teaching In Your Child's Development

Progressive learning is an educational movement that focuses on teaching students how to think rather than memorizing facts. Children are pushed to absorb information at the price of understanding what is being taught in traditional education. For example, a learner may be able to enumerate the many elements of a cell without fully comprehending how it works. 

As one of the accomplished international schools in North Bangalore, we focus on integrated curricula used in progressive learning to allow students to approach topics and content from many viewpoints, enhancing their conceptual understanding of the subject. 

Progressive learning teaches children to think 

The process of learning by doing is at the heart of progressive education. Experiential learning is a notion that helps students to learn by actively participating in activities and projects. Students can better understand a subject and its implications by applying what they've learned to real-life settings. This also helps them acquire the abilities they'll need as adults. As one of the most reached out international schools in North Bangalore, we focus deliberately on teaching students to be successful individuals in the future.

After all, their future workplace is a collaborative setting that necessitates teamwork, critical thinking, creativity, and independence. Progressive learning enables students to reflect on their learning, pursue their own questions, and collaborate with peers and teachers, allowing them to improve their problem-solving, communication, and investigation abilities. 

Students are encouraged to follow their own curiosity.

Teachers with expertise use carefully scaffolded instruction to help students connect their personal interests to a variety of subject areas. Students are encouraged to develop, produce, and communicate their thinking in various ways through hands-on explorations, art, and design challenges. Progressive teaching allows students to question their learning and find the answers for the same. 

At Millennium World School, we motivate the students to question their learnings and find answers. While we are with them in every step in this expedition of knowledge, we encourage the students for their efforts and attempts towards creative thinking through progressive teaching methods. 

Developing intrinsic motivation

In progressive learning, instruction is differentiated, and each kid is deeply known, thanks to small class sizes that allow for close student-teacher relationships. Teachers encourage students' natural curiosity by fostering peer-to-peer interactions and linkages between students and subjects. Instead of traditional grades, standards-based evaluations and continuing assessments are used. As a result, students find fulfilment in the development and mastery of academic tasks rather than external rewards.

As one of the private schools in Bangalore, we work towards providing a learning gratification that is not limited to academic prosperity alone but is inclined towards personality development and self-improvement. 

Prepares for a democratic society

The progressive learning approach is capable of highlighting the intricacies that arise from a world filled with diverse viewpoints. Schools are by default committed to teaching social justice and helping the students to strive to be a leader in promoting students' social awareness and engagement. One of the most important goals is for students to develop a sense of empathy towards diverse cultures and a sense of obligation to strive to make a difference in the world.

Our efforts are directed to help the students gain a better knowledge of who they are concerning the rest of the world and how they can perceive themselves as agents of change for society and its positive development.

Focuses on collaboration and futuristic thinking

We may not be able to fathom half of the careers our children will have in the coming 20 years, but we can be sure they will be working in peer groups. Progressive learning rooted in an advanced curriculum emphasizes group work and collaborative projects. As an equitable practice in the classroom, teachers invite and provoke different perspectives and approaches to problem-solving. Students learn to build on the ideas with experts and peers while recognizing and respecting opposing viewpoints.

The progressive learning approach provides the students with the opportunity to present their idea and supplies them with insight on how to think progressively. They are taught to understand the different possibilities and how they can collaborate ideas for the better. 

Focuses on the overall development of the children

Children have social and emotional needs, strengths, challenges, and academic ones. The ultimate intention of the progressive learning approach is to foster relationships, critical thinking, and compassion to prepare students for leadership in their academic journey and beyond. In addition, students are motivated to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities and a sense of belonging to a community.

Millennium World School, apart from being one of the affordable CBSE schools in Bangalore, also happens to be an advanced and progressive K12 educational institution. Therefore, we focus on a teaching learning method that nurtures the students' individual capabilities while maintaining the academic qualities if global standards.

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