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Indeed, education is a journey to open the windows to a thought process that is far from reflecting the same old systems and ushers in the wind of change. As we talk about change, the first act setting up the pace is the change in learning or looking at the world with a refined perspective. We can take the example of any great revolution across the globe, and one of the common factors behind their occurrence is backed by some form of new learning or knowledge. Thus, when we think about the future generation taking over the charge, we ought to support them with the refinement they need. Therefore, if you have been searching for the 'best CBSE schools near me' and landed on our website, we are grateful and pleased that we have made an impactful contribution to this new-age learning. 

The world as we witness it today is constantly evolving and transforming with technology. Thus, both the deliverance and quality of education requires an alignment with the gaining momentum of technology. As we find Millennium World School considered among the top 10 CBSE schools in Bangalore or the best schools in the city, we promise to keep improving our efforts with equal dedication. 

Our initiatives to become one of the best schools in North Bangalore are based on creating a community of lifelong learners and a teaching methodology of global standards. We aim to become a school with facilities and provisions that are of the students' interest, supported by a passionate teaching and non-teaching staff. 

If you are a parent and have chosen us or are considering choosing us for your child, here is what you should be confident about: 


  1. Infrastructure

When we talk about infrastructure at Millennium World School (MWS), we are talking about both the physical and virtual infrastructure. We can promise that our campus premises are one of the best among the schools in north Bangalore, spacious and well maintained. As we await the physical schooling resumes, we have made sure that the campus is well maintained for the students to return to it. 

As for now, our virtual infrastructure is a matter of prominence for us to keep the online classes going. The pandemic did bring in strokes of uncertainties, but the MWS team has made sure to stay connected and support each and every student with prompt actions and keeping the virtual schooling as effective as it should on the campus. 

  1. Quality education

MWS follows a student-centered and blended learning approach and a pedagogy strengthened by technology. As we commit ourselves to nurture the potential of your child and help them discover their talent, we work on creating a warm and accepting environment for the students. All our teaching-learning process is equipped with the facilities to face the present and future challenges. 

We know when you search the 'best CBSE schools near me', you are not merely looking for an academic institution but an abode for your child's dream. We can ensure that the MWS team nurtures the confidence, creativity and courage of children and helps in instilling the correct values, knowledge and skill training to navigate their aspirations.  

  1. Passionate teaching

Teaching at MWS happens with great passion, and teachers take the responsibility of developing the learning aptitude. It is widely accepted that the teacher and teaching style both have a direct impact on a student's dislikes and likes for a particular subject. Thus, we make sure that not only are our teachers are qualified but equally approachable and friendly. 

Due attention is paid to training and upskilling the teachers from time to time to make sure they are equipped with the technology usage and are well acquainted with the modern teaching methods. We also make sure that we involve in periodic self-assessment to improve our teaching methods and devise our own strategies to connect better with the students. 

  1. Extra-curricular activities

Extracurricular activities play a significant role in the child's overall development and are a crucial segment of school education. The students at MWS are presented with an array of extracurricular activities, exposing them to opportunities to discover their talents and skills. Different types of creative and performance art are included in the school curriculum to enhance their thinking capacity.

Extracurricular activities are also prominent in developing and fostering leadership skills; hence the students are encouraged to participate in sports as well as in the annual student council formation where they nominate and present themselves as the potential leaders in various roles.

At Millennium World School, we have tried to amalgamate the best from every sphere for your child so that when you choose us from among the schools in North Bangalore, or in any list of best schools in the city, we assure you that you are selecting the right future for your child. 

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