What is the Role of Teacher in Developing Mental Health?

Mental health has become the most talked about topic in the recent times. Although a lot of awareness has been created regarding mental health issues, there are still many challenges to overcome. The number of students suffering from stress, depression, and unaddressed mental needs is at a rise with the passing years. Addressing mental health in schools is critically important, as the schools are influential in shaping the minds of the young ones. Thus, understanding the vast responsibility that rests upon educators and schools, we at Millennium World School (MWS) adopt the modern teaching methods to keep the children free from stress and implement an approach that helps them learn to grow confidently. 

Teachers across the world have reported the incidence of anxiety, self-harm, and even life-threatening incidence at a rise. Therefore, teachers are placed to support student mental health, as they spend a lot of time with them. Addressing the mental health issues among the students through various means and ways. But with the high academic competition and often challenging school environment, the students undergo mental health trouble, which they can't identify. 

Why is early childhood critical in building the foundation for good mental health?

It is prominent to understand that the experiences of a child in the first few years shape their brain immensely. A child's relationships with parents, caregivers, teachers, and peers at the early years of their lives are especially crucial in developing personality and behaviour, which ultimately impacts their mental health status. 

Why are you as a parent looking for good schools and the best learning experience for your child? The answer is simple for the well-being and growth of your little ones. Similarly, assessing their mental health status and identifying factors affecting their mental wellbeing has profound importance. 

Negative mental health status can damage children's cognitive, emotional, and social development. For example, it impairs their ability to learn and communicate their thoughts. 

Therefore, if left untreated, the further consequence can be further drastic and can even lead to abnormal hormone levels affecting the overall physical health and academic achievement. The impacts can even follow them in adulthood with the risk of physical and mental problems.

How can teachers help in supporting and developing positive mental health for students?

  • Listen to the concerns.

Teachers from good schools are responsible for teaching them what is there in textbooks but a lot more. For teachers, it is both essential and, in their power, to listen to students and identify their concerns. Further, they should be able to be understanding and empathetic. At Millennium World School, we train the teachers to develop a friendly relationship with the students to feel comfortable with sharing their concerns. The teachers are also trained to act as per the protection or child safeguarding guidelines if the problems appear particularly concerning.

  • create a safe and comfortable classroom environment

A safe and welcoming environment does half the job dealing with mental health issues. Engage the students in making the classroom a welcoming, safe and comfortable space. While it can be a little tricky with the virtual space, letting them know that supporting each other can help them get through their troubles. At Millennium World School, teachers exclusively foster feelings of security and belongingness. They interact and develop positive relationships with each student to ensure that they feel safe and secure.

  • Watch out for any warning signs.

Teachers can help in identifying significant changes in the behaviour of students, which prevents them from functioning or playing, ultimately causing hindrance to their growth and development. Thus, with the rise of the concerns related to mental wellbeing among children, all the good schools are now focusing on training their teaching to be more attentive to any kind of change in the children's behaviours. 

At Millennium World School, teachers undergo several pieces of training to keep a student-centric approach and help the children flourish in their academics while maintaining a stress-free learning environment. The school is keen to provide the children the best experience, and hence starting from the campus to curriculum, everything is designed to comfort them. Moreover, modern teaching methods are implemented to make sure that the children enjoy every piece of knowledge shared with them. 

We understand that the pandemic and the intervention of digitalization have impacted the children. We also know that you are constantly worried about your child's overall well-being as parents. Thus, our teachers are always on the lookout for any concerning behaviour to support you. 

Want to gift your child a comfortable and stress-free academic experience? Please speak to us now and know more about how we help your little ones to grow happy and healthy. 

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