The Role of School in Kid's Life

The role of education and, more so, that of a school can never be weighed down by anything. Even if we are to trace down human history, getting educated in an 'institution' led by experts has been a common factor worldwide. The educational institutions of learning, both school, and higher level, established centuries ago are living proof. As we come to be recognized among the top Bangalore schools, we evaluate and re-evaluate our role as a school in the lives of our students.

Schools are an essential part of society; they are the initial steps of the ladder moving an organization to progress. Schools are responsible for laying the foundation of a developing nation. We are delighted that parents and guardians have noted us among the good schools in Bangalore, which motivates us to scrutinize our roles in the life of the students even more seriously. 

Below are the five prominent roles that Millennium World School as an educational institution acknowledges in the life of its students. 

  • Window to the future

The very aim of any school or educational institution is to prepare the students for the future. But what does it mean to look into the future? Getting promoted to the next grade; getting selected in reputed institutions for higher education; or securing a profession with an attractive pay check. In a practical setup, the future is much more than any of these. 

The future is being able to use the knowledge earned from the textbooks to translate the theories into reality. One of the reasons MWS has been counted among the top CBSE schools in Bangalore is its strategic inclusion of the 'do and learn' approach. Apart from having a well-researched curriculum and a scientifically standardized pedagogy, we introduce the students to every future challenge in a real-life setting. 

  • Preparing them with life skills

As already mentioned, for far too long, education in India was restricted to textbook learning and memorization, and the students could recall and reproduce the texts in the exam. But as we move to a time where this arrangement holds no value, it is the duty of a school to teach more skills that would help the child grow their cognitive abilities and develop necessary life skills supporting them in the long run. 

At Millennium World School, a special focus is rested upon incorporating 21st-century skills and equipping the students with practical and usable knowledge in real life. Therefore, all the 12skills of Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, Communication, Information literacy, Media literacy, Technology literacy, Flexibility, Leadership, Initiative, Productivity, and social skills are incorporated intelligently into the curriculum. 

  • An instrument in discovering their true potential

Schools are like labs and experiment centres to discover the potential of every child and then nourish them to reach their advanced capabilities. Schools are not manufacturing units to create identical individuals. Every child is special and unique and has talents that require the right amount of nudging to propel them ahead and help them grow successfully and with satisfaction. 

Schools, therefore, should be instrumental in the overall development of the students, helping them brace their uniqueness, and assisting them to work on their potential. In order to do so, the school must inculcate extracurricular activities and provide the students with opportunities where their interests incline to. 

  • Support the future contributors to the nation

Did we mention that school lays the foundation of the nation? A nation gets stronger when the citizens are well educated and knowledgeable. Moreover, the schools are responsible for planting the seeds of patriotism, feeling of harmony, compassion, and the zeal to work for the country's progress. Therefore, the primary aim of the school and educational institutions is to serve the country's development by emancipation of illiteracy and ignorance.

We, Millennium World School, take great pride in being able to contribute to the nation-building process by educating the young minds of the country. When we are counted in the list of top Bangalore schools or good schools in Bangalore, our ambition to equip the students with the past knowledge, present for the future becomes even more prominent. 

  • Aid them to choose their career path

Last but not least, schools work to build a pathway for the students to accomplish a successful career. In the current times, schools are much more than foundational educational institutions. They serve as the centre of career counselling and career building. The old traditions of preparing the students for exams to get into a career-building course have now been merged with the modern aspect of introducing the students to the different areas where one can build their career.

At Millennium World School, we conduct seminars and workshops for both the parents and students to understand the varied opportunities a student has to construct a successful career. While education and earning, knowledge is not all about getting a good job, the role of education in a robust career-building prospect is undeniable. 

AS one of the emerging in the country, MWS takes pride in understanding the roles mentioned above and stands by them with complete dedication. We know that when a parent chooses a school, they choose a formidable and prosperous future for their children

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