Why You Should Introduce News Reading Habits In Your Child

None of the outstanding achievements of humankind would have surfaced if the individual(s) behind it were not well informed or knowledgeable about it. Likewise, our lives would have been deprived of all the great inventions and discoveries if we didn’t have the urge to learn more, know more, and expedite our way out of ignorance. Thus, the correct information propels us to constructive transformation, and as one of the best schools in Bangalore, we make all the efforts to keep our students away from the darkness of ignorance.

It was a piece of excellent news for us; when being one of the newest K12 institutions, our name was included among the best schools in Bangalore; we read it out loud to our students, the parents, and our associates. It might be a little celebratory, but nothing is different because news reading and sharing is a common practice at Millennium World School, Bengaluru North. 

News reading is an essential part of academic progress as it equips the students with the knowledge of the current happenings. News reading has educational value as it also grants an understanding of past events as well as the profanities of the future. Moreover, news reading helps individuals connect with various topics that might or might not be discussed in school and learn to look beyond textbooks for knowledge, a principle that MWS highly advocates for.

So dear parents, if you haven’t yet been encouraging your children to delve into new reading, here is why you should. 

  • Boosts their reading habit

As one of the best schools in Bangalore, it is our duty to cultivate only productive habits among our students. As parents, if you are also struggling to help your child catch up with reading, news reading is a good option. Age-relevant news like current affairs and sports news or children’s newspaper and magazines can be introduced to our young learners and boost their reading habits.

  • An introduction to nonfiction reading

Reading doesn’t mean only storybooks and works of fiction. Kids also need a nonfiction reading experience, and news reading can come into play here. While regular news reading will keep them updated with the world, granted that everything is age-appropriate, it will also provide them with the taste of the nonfiction style of writing. 

  • Keep the kids connected to the real world.

Students have engaged a significant part of their day in their studies. The remaining portion goes into their playtime and other daily chores. So how are we to make sure that they are connected to the real world. Finding the best international schools in Bangalore, making them part of some student exchange program, or letting them be part of practical learning methods, sounds convincing. But what about the simple act of news reading? The international section deliberating what is happening worldwide can be one strong option. 

  • Enhances vocabulary, language, and grammar

News reading is a great way to help children enhance their language skills. The style of writing news is different from school textbooks and story books, thus letting the young learners to broaden their language skills and add to their vocabulary. News reading can also help students work on other grammar and, therefore, act as a multidimensional learning activity.

  • Motivates the children to write

There are several newspapers or, in the current times, websites available for children, where children can take part in publishing their writings. One of the benefits of reading the newspaper or reading, in general, is it opens the gates for the children to form a habit of writing. In addition, news reading helps the children use their knowledge of language and vocabulary and become a way of expressing thought and creativity. Also, seeing their work published with their names can help the children find self-confidence. 

I hope these reasons inspire you to encourage your children to read the news. Although make sure they are only coming across age-appropriate and relevant information and not faux or mature information that is not suitable for their consumption. 

At Millennium World School Bengaluru North, we introduce news reading and news writing with our weekly newsletter where the students, teachers, and parents contribute equally. Collating useful topics together from the events conducted in the school or happenings outside the school wall, we help the children churn out an interest in news reading.

As parents, you might be aware of how children can be fussy about reading and writing. Thus, it requires a great deal of effort to ensure that kids are engaged in activities that help them expand their horizons of knowledge while making it enjoyable. 

At MWS, we make every activity count towards your child’s development. So, if you are looking for the best school in Bangalore to help your child grow in every sphere, here is your invitation. Let us help your child’s education a progressive experience. 

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