The Power of Curiosity in The Classroom

Classrooms are, by default, the space to foster curiosity and engage the students, not just textbooks and curriculum but beyond. A classroom is much more than the interaction between the teachers and the students or peers. It can be stated as the foundation of lifelong learning, which can only happen when the students' curiosity is ignited, and they are motivated to seek answers. Thus, as we get counted amongst the best private schools in Bangalore, we make sure that the students foster the habit of seeking the "why", "how," and more. 

We had come past the age when teachers were just knowledge providers. The role of teachers has transformed immensely as we live in an ever-evolving world where the opportunity of learning something new is never-ending. In our journey of becoming one of the best schools in north Bangalore, we understand the tactics of spoon-feeding will ever actually support the inquisitiveness and intellectual growth of the students.

Curiosity will sharpen critical thinking and stimulate problem-solving skills. Even with the classes being limited to the virtual landscape, we at Millennium World School (MWS) have managed to spark curiosity among the students with the various methods we have adopted.

But as we speak so much about encouraging the children to seek questions, it is crucial to understand- why stimulate curiosity in a child?

  •  It helps in cultivating an active mind.

Children have great imagination, and if nurtured well, their imagination can lead to being very productive. The process of imagination helps in keeping their mind activated and also enables them to figure things out in very many situations. This, in turn, encourages them to become self-reliant. Curiosity makes children capable of solving their problems, which concludes that their minds are actively looking for an answer. 

As we delightfully find the name of Millennium World School in the list of schools in Bangalore, we pay special attention to offering the children a space where they can project their curiosity and shape their imagination. 


  • Teaches the lesson of persistence.

Yes, curiosity teaches the lesson of persistence-how? Curiosity is the key to finding alternative ways of doing things. A curious child is persistent not to quit until they have found their answers and their quench has been satiated. The lesson of persistence becomes a habit when it is practiced repeatedly and eventually a value leading the young minds to a successful future. The urge to solve the problems also helps the students to be more confident and keeps them focused on their goals.

At MWS, we are persistent with our initiatives to imbibe the students' values and habits that can lead them to a flourishing life ahead. 


  • Prepares for long-term success.

Education today is not limited to acquiring good grades or preparing for a promising career. Curiosity is made a difference, and every aspect of human civilization is the evidence. All the discoveries made, all the inventions inspired have a curious child at the roots who nurtured their habit of seeking answers and never gave up. Just to remember, all the great revolutions happened because someone was interested in the existing system and was willing to figure out an alternative solution for it, which has led us to where we are today.

Those who ask questions are the ones who have the courage to take up challenges and face them with confidence. Thus, as being considered one of the best private schools in Bangalore, we tend to the curiosity of our students with inquiry-based learning. We make sure they are given enough space to think and present their queries early. 

In the class, the students are engaged in various activities that help them to stimulate their spirit of inquiry. Additionally, the students are also motivated and aided to ask meaningful questions during the class and beyond. A friendly environment ensures that the students don't feel hesitant or embarrassed to express their thoughts. Just as it is crucial to help the children curious, it is also significant that the students are made to feel comfortable so that they don't find their questions or thoughts' meaningless'. 

At Millennium World School, we nurture the future of a child. Thus, we confide in the modern teaching methods and focus on 21st-century skills to aggravate the habit of critical thinking and inquisitiveness in the children. 

Are you looking for a learning place for your child that allows them to add wings to their imagination and feed their thoughts with the correct answers? A learning space that helps them to cultivate habits and values, to build a successful future? Millennium World School, one of the best schools in north Bangalore, invites you for admissions for the session of 2022-23. 

For your child's better future, contact us now!

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