How Green Campus adds up to the overall physical and mental well-being of students?

Students spend the majority of their time in school, as well as the majority of their lives, which is significant for their physical and mental development. Sure, we need good teachers, but we also need healthy schools. They aid in the entire development of students and also make a lasting imprint that reflects on their personalities.

Basic components of green campuses include good indoor air quality and acoustics in the classrooms, both of which directly improve student and instructor performance. Top CBSE schools in Bangalore, like Millennium World School, have already converted their campus into a green campus since green campuses play a significant role in the lifestyle of students.

The MWS Green Campus in North Bangalore fulfils all the criteria for offering the "ideal" environment for learning and development for students. In addition to being environmentally friendly, our campus is the ideal setting for students to succeed academically while enjoying the learning experience.

As a result, all top Bangalore schools are making their campuses healthier and green. Here are some ways that Bhubaneswar's finest schools with green campuses are assisting their pupils in achieving both physical and mental well-being.

  • Students' health is better protected because to the green campus. Poor indoor air quality is a major contributing factor to illnesses like asthma, which are growing more prevalent among students. Our green campus is healthier for students and instructors and so safeguards their health since they have improved ventilation, healthy green construction materials like non-VOC carpeting, and an abundance of trees and greenery. Green campuses also lessen carbon dioxide emissions, which safeguards the environment.
  • Students become more environmentally conscious as a result of initiatives like tree planting for campus reforestation and they start to comprehend the value of a green planet and how to preserve it. They begin putting the techniques into practise in their residences and colonies and spread the word to their acquaintances, raising awareness of the Green Planet, which is required at this time.
  • Even while it may appear like climate change's effects are still far off, the world has already suffered permanent harm. Our daily life can be greatly impacted by how we treat the world and its natural resources. Future generations' lifestyles will be greatly affected by it, even if we don't realise the impacts right away.
  • Improved performance always starts with better health. Sick days are considerably reduced when you live a healthy lifestyle that is influenced by the lush campus surroundings. Inattention can be caused by a lack of fresh air, and we all know that vegetation is a great source of fresh air. According to studies, learning on a green campus can increase exam scores for kids by up to 20%.

Here is what makes Millennium World School stand out as a Green Campus

  1. Vast Campus:

A school that is surrounded by a variety of plants and animals benefits kids' health and creates a better learning atmosphere. The academic performance of a student is directly correlated with the presence of trees, water features, and sustainable practises inside schools. This 220,000 square foot campus, which is both smart and green, is just 20% developed with the remaining 80% being open space.

  1. Eco-Friendly Facilities:

When designing the school, the architects paid close attention to the indoor and outdoor activity areas that allow pupils to freely travel between various facilities. Only when the natural light begins to fade are LED lights used.

  1. Indoor air quality:

No child can survive in an environment with poor indoor air quality. Human health has been harmed by air pollution. High indoor air quality, appropriate temperature, sufficient lighting, and appropriate ventilation are all guaranteed by Millennium World School, North Bangalore. Along with therapeutic landscapes that promote physical activity and lower absenteeism due to illness, Gurukul-style programmes are really offered to kids to keep them close to nature.

While it may be attractive to spend relief money on the newest technology, the most fundamental need—upgrading physical structures that offer healthy and safe environments where children may learn—must come first.

While colleges all over the world are stepping up and making various technological improvements, our green campus has taken several concrete steps to make its campus "green" and "sustainable."

To this purpose, our school continues to be at the top when it comes to giving kids a pleasant and sustainable environment for their maximum growth, in addition to being one of the leaders in smart education.

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