Why a Well Qualified Teacher is Important

Beginning from the primitive times, to the ever-developing modern era, teachers have been trusted with a significant role in leading human civilization. Whether we look at the ancient Gurukul structure or the modern-day schools, the factor that remains constant is the teachers' role. As a matter of fact, as an educational institute ourselves and as one of the best schools in North Bangalore, Millennium World School has found its reputation because of the strong leadership of the teaching fraternity. 

How do teachers define the life and learning path of students?

Teachers hold a crucial role in shaping the lives of the young mind and are instrumental in discovering and nurturing their potentials. They motivate and encourage not just a bunch of students but generations of learners, who would form the future workforce and asset of the nation. The proper guidance from the teacher can create a ripple of positive impact in the life of the students, and consequently, in the world, they live in. 

Teachers are the support system of any learning place. Their qualification, passion and approach towards the teaching-learning process is the secret of a successful educational institution. While we have just planted the seeds of our endeavors and are recognized as a new name among the top 10 CBSE schools in Bangalore, our goals have been clear from the very inception and have been backed by qualified and skilled teaching fraternity. 

At Millennium World School (MWS), teachers dedicate themselves to help the students to be passionate about becoming lifelong learning. Furthermore, they guide the students to understand the impact of education in their lives and mold career aftermath from the knowledge acquired.


Roles and responsibilities of a teacher.

It is universally accepted that the role of a teacher is to impart knowledge and education, but that is not the only responsibility of a teacher. In this blog, let us reflect upon some of the vital roles a teacher must take upon.

  • Reinventing 

Teaching is a profession requiring constant reinventing in the methods and processes to ensure that the students are engaging themselves in the class. Therefore, it is a significant responsibility of the teachers to find and adopt practices and teaching styles that gravitate the students' attention. Not only that, but reinvention is also necessary to keep the reputation of an educational institution. Thus, if you are searching for 'best CBSE schools near me', and Millennium World School (MWS) pops up in the list, the reason is constant up-gradation and adoption of modern teaching methods by our teachers. 

  • Mentor

Mentorship is one primary role of the teachers. The job of a teacher doesn't end after delivering lessons and assessing the progress of the students. The young mind looks up to their teachers and, in many cases, may even shape their personality and behavior to match that of their instructors. It is to be remembered that the students spend a lot of time with the teachers and instructors and thus can greatly influence their overall growth and progress. Understanding the intensity of this role, many educational institutions have dedicated mentorship programs. 

  • Helping hand

Teachers actively offer a helping hand in every critical matter related to the smooth functioning of the institution. For instance, leading the PTA, admission counselling, helping and organizing events etc. If we look at the current situation of virtual schooling, which has been continuing for about two years across the world, teachers have been helping the students and parents to understand the structure in every step. The teaching fraternity at MWS has been doing a great job outside their teaching roles, the cumulative effect of which has got us recognized as one of the best schools in schools in North Bangalore.

  • Leaders

Teachers are, by default, leaders. The role of a teacher is extensive as a teacher will be approached by many people seeking information and information. Even if the teacher might not be aware of specific answers themselves, they should be capable of leading the seeker to the appropriate conclusion. For instance, the students and the parents seek the teachers' advice in essential decisions like a course or career selection. More so teachers are often looked up to in society to contribute their insights in crucial matters.

  • Learners

Teachers are the best testament that learning is endless. A good teacher with the ambition to lead the students towards academic excellence constantly works on their skills. Upskilling in the teaching profession is even more crucial at the current times as modern technologies are taking over, and the educational industry is becoming ferociously tech-dependent. Just, for example, teachers at MWS are certified as Microsoft Innovative Educator Program. Our teachers are constantly learning and participating in various training programs to deliver the best to the learners.

A teacher has many roles to fill in. But they are the individuals with the power to build and shape future generations. We are proud to have a teaching fraternity at MWS that is constantly uplifting this institution's reputation and gaining us a place among the top 10 CBSE schools in Bangalore and more.

Thus, if the qualification of teachers is the primary factor for your child's admission and your lookout for 'best CBSE schools near me", you can visit our admission page for more details. 

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