The Importance of Parent Teacher Meetings

When it comes to a child's learning, the parents and teachers have an equal share of participation, both individually and as a team. One can take out a long list of schools in Bangalore and would have the same opinion that the support of parents makes it many folds easier to carry the academic progressions even better.

With online schooling as the current requirement, the proximity of the teachers and parents has grown many holds, as parents are entrusted upon bridging the gap of the physical absence of the teachers while learning. One of the crucial moments of connection between the school and parents is the parent-teacher meeting, and at Millennium World School, a lot of importance is paid to this event. 

As one of the best private schools in Bangalore, here is what we think about the parent-teachers meeting:

  • An opportunity to develop a healthy and strong relationship for the holistic development of a child.

Parent-teacher meetings at a regular interval allow both sides to establish a strong and healthy rapport with each other, which can help understand the child's needs. Further, the combined efforts of the teacher and parents can impact the child's progress as the needs and demands would be looked into with more gravity. 

  • An opportunity for the teachers to understand the student's weaknesses and strengths.

Even though the children spend a lot of time with the teachers, the parents will always better understand and observe their child's weaknesses and strengths. Thus, a parent-teacher meeting can highlight areas of a child's development that need more attention and enhance the areas they are already good at. 

  • An opportunity for the parents to understand how the school functions

As a parent, you know when the exams are to be held, what the curriculum is followed, etc. But internally there, the school has its way of functioning to churn out the best possible experience for its learners. Thus, a parent-teacher meeting can help you understand the school's approach towards the teaching and learning process. 

  • An opportunity for children to feel safer in the school environment

As one of the reputed names in the list of schools in Bangalore, our first effort is to make sure that the students feel safe, comfortable, and have a sense of belongingness. Thus, when they see their parents and family connecting with the school or teachers, they understand that they are in a known environment and are not left alone.

  • An opportunity for the school to present its goals towards excellence.

The parent-teacher meeting is one of the significant events for the schools. As one of the acquainted private schools in Bangalore, we take the opportunity to introduce to the parents the various measures we are taking to improve the education or acquaint them with the pedagogy or bring into notice the advances we have made in this prospect.

Parents' teachers' meetings have a significant purpose of serving in a child's development. However, parents often believe that parent-teacher meeting is all about complaining about their children's shortcomings; as such, they avoid the event. 

We would highly recommend the parents eliminate such thoughts and participate in this interaction to find a solution for the betterment of your child's academic performance in general and in life. The impact that we create now on these young minds has a lot to do with how they would react in the future.

The importance of parents' participation in school education.

At Millennium World School (MWS), Bengaluru North, we have always considered the parents an extended community and have always taken their insights to develop our way towards excellence. While many parents also think of us among the top ten schools in Bangalore, we take the opportunity to show gratitude to the parents for their trust in our abilities and support in our endeavours, particularly during virtual schooling. Parents' involvement in school activities can dramatically change a child's attitude and usher in a more enthusiastic and positive change. 

At MWS, the mutual participation of the teachers is considered crucial for the student's academic success and achieving excellence in fostering excellent learning expertise for the school. Thus, if you are a parent looking for a school with transparency and a better hold on your child's education, Millennium is the place.

We welcome you to become a part of our extended family and enrich our experience while we thrive for academic excellence and offer quality education to your child. Admissions are open for 2022-23; please get in touch for more details. 

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